What is Pay Per Click Bid Management

Choosing the right keywords for PPC advertising is very important. A irrelevent keyword won’t do you much good, and even if they are receiving clicks, they aren’t likely to convert. But if you bought a keyword that you believe should be performing better, it may be your advertising strategy that needs work.

Don’t simply get rid of an under performing keyword. Getting better results may be as simple as changing the advertising bid. Bid management is one of the main activities needed to maintain a successful PPC advertising campaign.

When managing the bidding on an advertising campaign there are four goals we generally focus on:

  1. Increase branding by driving impressions while staying under the target CPM.
  2. Increase traffic by driving clicks while staying under the target CPC.
  3. Increase leads by driving conversion while staying below the maximum CPA.
  4. Increase sales by driving conversions with a positive ROI.

Each of these four goals requires a different bid strategy. You can mix and match goals but it is important not to have multiple goals for one keyword, as this puts you in a bidding war with yourself and prevents the individual strategies from meeting the desired goal.

Bidding effectively is extremely important to your PPC advertising campaign as it allows you to rank in the desired position when someone searches your keyword.

As the bidding environment is ever changing, bid management is a must. With the help of Fannit bid management services, you tell us your maximum bid and we can take it from there!

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