PPC Management Services

Are You Tired of Failed PPC Campaigns?

Our PPC advertising services give you top positions in search engines that allows you to compete in your local or national market by appearing on top search engines and relevant partner sites. Whether or not you’ve tried search engine marketing in the past, PPC is a great way to start testing keywords and your business model so you can optimize the “buyers journey” to increase leads and sales conversions.

Is Pay Per Click Management Right for You?

PPC is like a daily vitamin for your marketing. It’s one of the most foundational
internet marketing tools you can wield to align up the rest of your
marketing (whether online or offline).

The key is metrics. Metrics defer intuition by giving us the exact information we need to make the next successful choice. We call this an iterative process. Without metrics, your paid search strategy is going to be a “shot in the dark” and you’ll probably end up with less money and no sales. The key is to combine both good business building methodologies that start with your financials, reach to sales, and then build a marketing strategy that is accountable to your revenue goals.

Our management strategy is a little different but it’s
built on age-old principles that just work.

We use age-old principles mixed with the latest and greatest in PPC technology to bring you the best in pay per click services. Fannit PPC management will help you take your business to the next level.

We Get Proven Results with our PPC Services

Check out our client testimonials and case studies to learn about how we’ve already been successful with other businesses just like you. We want to invite you on a journey with us to expand your business and to take the next step of value building your company through better paid search marketing.

We want the right clients who have a growth mindset towards their company. We are looking for clients who are interested in taking a decisive step towards success with a strong sense of accountability towards metrics that will get your company to the next level.

We’ve always delivered 100% of the time to clients who are willing to take the right actions to grow their business. If you’re a growth minded business owner, we want to work with you.

What Does Good Pay Per Click Management Look Like?

Whether you’re new to paid search management or seasoned, some of the most vital element of a good campaign include the proper keyword research, ads, ad groups, landing pages, and split A/B testing of everything.

PPC Keyword Research

This is the practice of determining if the right keywords are being used for your paid search campaign before paying Google a penny

Paid Ads and Ad Groups Management

these are the Calls to Action in the search engine results page that will get people to click on your ad. If you’re ad groups and ads are very targeted towards the right people you will get high click through rates, leads and sales conversions.

PPC Landing page

this is where all your traffic lands. It’s important that your landing pages speak exactly to the pain points of the traffic that’s hitting your landing pages. If there’s any lack of clarity in how your landing pages speaks to humans then you’ll miss out on important conversion opportunities.

Paid Split A/B Testing Management

paid search marketing is a constant iterative process through split tests of every aspect of your campaign. This includes the testing of your keywords, ads, ad groups, and landing pages so you speak accurately to your target demographic about the pain they need fixed.

How to Choose a Good PPC Management Company

Does your PPC Agency Have a Certification?

A certification does not mean that you’ve found the best company for you yet but a Google AdWords qualified company has at least taken the time to understand some of the methodologies that are important to keeping a campaign healthy so you can have a manager run a campaign without service disruption. AdWords and Bing both have certifications although Bing is not nearly as effective as a platform as Google AdWords, it’s good to be certified for both search engines.

Does Your PPC Firm Understand Business Building?

There’s a difference. Every paid search marketing company should understand the four basic building blocks of a business. Before doing any marketing with you they need to take you through a discovery process that will pinpoint where you company is currently at in the business growth process. Each stage requires a different application.

Does Your Paid Search Team Have Experience?

Well, everyone says they have experience but does your company actually have the case studies to prove they’ve helped other businesses just like yours excel? Every type of business requires a different tool-set of marketing to ensure positive business growth. Before you take the final plunge be sure to understand exactly how the team you’re going to hire has had success in the past with other companies.

Does your PPC Manager Set Proper Expectations?

Expectations are the hardest thing to agree upon. There’s so many different types of personalities out there that sometimes an agency just isn’t the right fit for a business owner. Personality matches are the glue of a paid agency relationship. You should make sure and understand what you’re own personality so you have an idea what you should be looking for in another firm.

However, every good paid agency will be able to set proper expectations so that you can rely on their experience during the beginning optimization process (which is the most difficult stage of a business relationship).

How Long do PPC Companies Take to Optimize a Campaign?

Fannit takes about 3 months to fully optimize a campaign. We can build a ppc campaign in about 2 weeks from a clients order. A fully mature campaign can take 6-12 months to fully realize but the benefits are huge. A fully optimized campaign is practically an on and off switch of leads for your business. Unlike organic, paid positions are alot more stable as they are less likely to fail due  to an algorithmic change.

Costs to Have Someone do PPC Management Services

PPC Management is Very Affordable

Depending upon your ppc agency, most companies charge around 10% of your managed spend with a minimum retainer of $500. This is entirely dependant upon your project.

Will I be Charged More the More I spend with Google AdWords?

Yes, your management spend will automatically increase as we are successful with your campaign and you are able to spend more money with Google. Fannit charges a flat fee for all PPC services as opposed to taking fees out of your management spend based upon as we deem ourselves worthy…seriously, this does happen.

Create Google AdWords Goals for Your Paid Search Spend

Discover Who Your Paid Search Targets Are

Good PPC marketing first discovers what your business goals are so we can build your business step by step into a successful powerhouse. This means that we discover who your target market is first and then we nail down the top pain points that they need fixed. This helps us align the right value proposition to your target market so you get better leads and better sales

Discover What the Next Paid Search Step is for You

You want to build the value of your business. Someday, you’re plan is to exit your company by either selling it or by stepping away from an active role in your company. We understand the four stages of business and are excited to help our clients use our PPC services to get them through the next value building stage that will allow them to eventually reach the exit stage of their business.

Laser Pinpoint the Right Buyers Journey Steps through PPC

How to Get Your Best Customer With PPC

The great thing about paid search is that we can only pay for the keywords that will bring people to a landing page that talks to them at the right point of the buyers journey. Whether they are browsing, comparing, or ready to buy, we can target messages exactly to their specific need. This is one of the greatest benefits that PPC provides to business owners.

What is the Buyers Journey for PPC

The buyers journey consists of four main stages: attract, convert, close, and delight. Each stage means a different message that will help drive traffic on your site lower down the funnel for conversion. We always start our PPC services from the bottom of the funnel and then work our way up. This allows us to first determine what keywords will best convert your target market into customers before focusing on comparison and browser content. Decision makers are the one’s who will turn into sales with your product or service right away while browsers will convert on micro conversions that may not make you money but place your brand front and center in their minds.

Different Types of PPC Management Services We Provide

PPC Audits

Are you looking to spice up your current campaign? This is a great tool for people who are looking to have a 3rd party analysis on their current campaign or who are thinking to move their account to another provider. We can help you ensure your current ppc manager is providing you the best of service.

Social Advertising

Looking to dominate the social space? As organic algorithms change, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are drastically improving their paid search platforms to help businesses gain an edge over their competitors. We can help you pinpoint laser focused adcopy and landing pages to the right demographic so you can scale a profitable paid search campaign on social.

Google AdWords

The king of paid search is the Google AdWords platform. This is where we serve the majority of our clients. AdWords provides the best up-to-date metrics to test out any paid campaign assumptions. We suggest clients start on the Google platform to prove a campaigns profitability and then taking that campaign to other popular paid search platforms for management.

Bing Advertising

Once we’ve optimized your Google AdWords campaign, Bing is a fantastic second place to start. 20% of search still happens on the Bing advertising network. We’ll help you attain ROI.

Remarketing Service

Our remarketing services can help drive your traffic further down the buyers journey to conversion quicker. Remarketing allows us to target your current traffic with ad copy that addresses their specific pain points based upon how they’ve interacted with your website.

 What’s Included in Our PPC Services

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Account Review & Goal Setting
  • Keyword Research
  • Account Structure/Restructure
  • Campaign & Ad Group Creation
  • Text Ad Creation & Optimization
  • Advanced Bid Management
  • Dynamic Key Phrase Insertion
  • Geo Targeting
  • Call Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Multi-Platform Advertising
  • Personalized Call Schedule
  • Detailed Performance Reporting (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Landing Page Optimization Recommendations
  • Transparency – You Always Have Access to Your Account

Why Transparency is Important to Us

Ever since my brother and I started this business, we’ve had a desire to help businesses succeed with their own tools. We are an outsourced marketing team, a leg of your business. Many agencies don’t function as a an integrated segment of their client’s business, but rather as an outside entity or money leach. Once you’ve been sucked dry, they move on to the next client. This is not Fannit, we build your company through smarter PPC management services that you will forever own. You don’t have to buy it from us, you don’t have to be held hostage for what you paid us to create.

Our goal is to create a lasting system that will return huge ROI for you business so you can realize a final exit strategy with your company.

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